BR-1600, BR-1600CD: Using the GUITAR/BASS input for recording?

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The GUITAR/BASS input is located on the front of the machine near the CD burner. Plug in your guitar or bass into the input on the front, and that will disable the INPUT-1/MIC-1 on the backside.

1- Press the GUITAR/BASS input select button on the top left of the board, and you will use the Input-1 INPUT SENSITIVITY knob to set your level.

2- Play your instrument at the loudest level that you plan to record, and adjust the INPUT SENS knob until the PEAK indicator lights up. Once you have raised it enough to flash red, turn the knob back slightly so that it only ocassionally might light the PEAK indicator when played the at the loudest/hardest level.

3- Arm the track you want to record on by pressing the Status button for that track to flash RED.

4- Hold RECORD and press PLAY to begin recording.