HPD-10, Handsonic 10: Auditioning Metronome Patterns in the Style Guide

Tags: handsonic,hpd-10,10,rythym
The Style Guide contains 86 different metronome patterns for you to play along with. Use the following steps to audition a few of them:

1. While holding SHIFT, press EDIT - "METRONOME" appears in the display.

2. Press the CURSOR right (>) button, and then the CURSOR down button to show the current metronome pattern in the display.

3. Press the (METRONOME) button to start the pattern.

4. Press the + or - button to select different patterns. To change the tempo, hold SHIFT and press the METRONOME button, and then turn the Control knob.

5. When you're finished, press METRONOME.