D-70: Creating a User Set

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A User Set is a convenient way to group five Performances in one area for quick access. Any of 128 Performances in the D-70 (Internal/Card) can be assigned to a User Set. The Internal memory contains ten User Sets. An additional ten sets can be stored on an M-256E or M-512 series RAM card.

1. Select the User Set to be customized.

2. Press F1, F2, F3, F4 or F5 to select a location for the Performance.

3. Press PERFORMANCE located to the right of the CURSOR buttons.

4. Use the BANK and NUMBER buttons to select a Performance location.

5. Press PLAY to return to the PLAY MODE.

NOTE: This Performance now resides in the User Set. Repeat the above procedure for the remaining four locations. Once all five locations have been selected, the User Set needs to be written into memory.

6. Set the Write Protect switch on the back of the D-70 to the "OFF" position.

7. Press WRITE.

8. Use the VALUE dial or INC/DEC buttons to select the destination of the User Set, either Internal [I] 1-10 or Card [C] 1-10.

9. Press WRITE.

10. Press ENTER.