GT-10: Assigning the SUB CTL Pedals (Global)

Tags: control,external,gt-10,footswitch
You can assign desired functions to the Sub CTL pedals globally (same function for all patches). Here's how.

1. Press SYSTEM.

2. Press CURSOR left or right to select "CONTROL."

3. Press ENTER.

4. Press cursor left or right to select tab z 7 (CTL 3 PEDAL SETTING).

5. Press cursor up to select the Preference field.

6. Turn the big dial to select "SYSTEM."

7. Press cursor down to select "Function."

8. Turn the big dial to select the desired function - i.e. Tuner On/Off.

9. Press cursor right once to select tab 8 (CTL 4 pedal setting).

10. Repeat steps 5-8.

11. Press EXIT twice.

Note: depending on the parameter selected in Step 8, it may be necessary to adjust the Min/Max and Source Mode settings to achieve the desired control.