XV-2020: Setting up for Sequencing

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Performances allow you to set up the XV-2020 for use with a sequencer:

1. Press the VALUE dial so the indicator next to PERFORM lights.

2. Turn the CATEGORY/BANK dial to select the PST-B (Preset-B) bank.

3. Turn VALUE to dial in “14” on the display.

Note: Presets-B 14-32 are all good templates to start with when sequencing. They assign the 16 MIDI channels to Parts 1-16, respectively, and assign a different sound to each part.

4. Turn the PART dial to select the desired part—Part 1 for MIDI Channel 1, Part 2 for MIDI Channel 2, etc.—and then turn the CATEGORY and VALUE dials to select the desired sounds as described in “Selecting Patches.”