VS-2000CD: Resetting the Mixer-Parameter Initialize

Tags: reset,factory,init,initialize,settings,vs-2000cd,prm,parameter,default
When executing a Parameter Initialize the VS-2000 mixer for the currently loaded project is reset. The audio remains as it was recorded. The Mixer and/or Utility settings are reset back to when the song was first created. This is a good technique to use if you're experiencing issues that you are unable to troubleshoot.

1. Hold down SHIFT and press F4[UTILITY].
2. Cursor to PAGE 3, number 13 in the Utility Menu "PRM INIT" and press ENTER[YES].
3. Choose which parameters you which to initialize(reset). The default is "Mixer and Utility". To change the parameters, use the TIME/VALUE dial.
4. Press the F5 button for "OK" to initialize the parameters.
5. The message will be displayed, "Initialize Parameter?", press the ENTER[YES] button to continue.