RC-300: Auditioning Rhythms

Tags: control,tempo,drums,click,follow,count,percusion,bmp

The Rhythm Guide in the RC-300 provides different rhythms for you to follow along with while you're creating loops. There are over 300 different Rhythm variations to choose from. Here's how to select and play them.

1. Turn the RHYTHM LEVEL knob all the way counterclockwise to set the level to "0."  

2. Press the EDIT button within the RHYTHM section - - "Rhythm: Pattern" appears in the display. 

3. Press the RHYTHM ON/OFF button (within the RHYTHM section) so it's lit. The TEMPO button begins flashing.

4. Turn the RHYTHM LEVEL knob slowly clockwise and set the volume to the desired listening level.

5. Turn the MEMORY/VALUE knob to select a Rhythm Style.

6. If you'd like to change the Time Signature, press the  parameter right (>) button and then turn the MEMORY/VALUE knob. 

7. Press parameter left (<) to return the Rhythm: Pattern screen.  

8. Repeat Steps 5 -7  to select and listen to the different Rhythms.

9. If you want to adjust the tempo, press the TEMPO button and then turn the MEMORY/VALUE knob. 

Tip: You can also "tap" the TEMPO button repeatedly to tap-in the tempo. 

10. When you're finished, press the RHYTHM ON/OFF button.