RD-700: Setting and Assigning Multi Effects to a Part

Tags: rd-700,mfx
Use the following procedure to Select and Assign Multi Effects to a Part:

1. Press Edit so it is lit.

2. CURSOR Down to "3. MFX/Reverb/Chorus."

3. CURSOR Right to the "EDIT [Multi Effects]."

4. CURSOR Up to highlight "MFX Source."

5. Use DEC/NO or INC/YES to select "UPPER 1."

NOTE: The "MFX Source" selects which Part will determine the MFX Type being used. As you change Tones on this Part, the MFX Type will change to the type selected for that particular Tone. If the "MFX Source" is set to "FIXED," the MFX Type selected in this menu will apply to all Parts and will not change when other Tones are selected.

6. CURSOR Down to highlight "MFX Dest:"

7. Use DEC/NO and INC/YES to select "SRC PART."

NOTE: The Destination allows you to assign the MFX processor to either one Part, several Parts or all Parts. Refer to page 77 in the RD-700 Owner's Manual for a detailed description of the various Destination settings.

8. CURSOR Down to highlight "Type:"

9. Use DEC/NO and INC/YES to select the desired MFX Type.

10. (Optional) CURSOR Down to edit MFX parameters.

11. Press EDIT to exit.