VS-2480: Routing 1 Input To 8 Tracks

Tags: vs-2480
If you have one microphone in an input and you want to use it on eight different tracks without switching the input, then you have to route the patchbay.

Let's start with clearing out the patchbay:
1. While in TR 1-16 mode, hold down any status button and press F4 for "All Clr".

2. Then press F6 for "Exit".

Now let's route the analog inputs:

1. Press the EZ ROUTING button and cursor to the number 3 and 4 in the top row (1-24) of the "Input Mixer" box.

2. Turn your Time/Value dial to the left and connect 3 and 4 to "Analog Input" 1 and 2.

3. Repeat this procedure for 1-16 on the top row of the "Input Mixer" box. 1-16 of the "Input Mixer" should all be connected to numbers 1 and 2 of the "Analog Input" box.

Now let's route your "Input Mixer" to your "Recording Track":

1. Cursor to the bottom row number 1 of the "Input Mixer" box and turn the Time/Value dial to the right to connect it to "Recording Track" number 1.

2. Next cursor to number 3 in the "Input Mixer" box and turn the Time/Value dial to connect it with the "Recording Track" 2.

3. Then, cursor to the next odd number, number 5, and connect it with the next consecutive number in the "Recording Track" box, in this case, number 3.

4. Repeat this procedure until the "Input Mixer" number 15 is connected to the "Recording Track" number 8.

Let's save this as a template:
1. Press the "Page" button until you see "Save" above F6.

2. Press F6 and press F1 if you would like to name the template.

3. Press F5 for "Ok" to save as a template.