DR-670: Direct Pattern Play

Tags: pads,dr-670
Direct Pattern Play (DPP) lets you assign patterns to the key pads. Use the following procedure to assign patterns to the pads:

1. Hold SHIFT and press DPP ASSIGN.

2. Press a pad to select it.

3. Turn the TEMPO/VALUE dial to select a pattern for the selected pad.

4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until the desired number of patterns have been assigned to pads.

5. Hold SHIFT and press PATTERN PLAY.

6. Press the orange DPP button, then press one of the selected pads. The pattern assigned to the pad begins to play. As it plays, press another pad. The current pattern finishes playing before advancing to the next pattern.

7. Press STOP when you’re finished, then press the DRUM A/B button to return to Play mode.

Note: The DPP assignments will be retained in the DR-670's memory until a Factory Reset is performed or the pads are re-assigned.