VS-1680, VS-1824, VS-1880, VS-1824CD: Backing up songs to CD?

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When you perform a CD-R BACK-UP, you are producing a DATA CD which is a complete copy of your entire song including all audio tracks, mixer settings, and Scenes. This allows you to backup and erase your songs to free up space for recording more songs on your hard drive and you have the abilty to recover your entire songs back to the hard drive to record or edit as desired.

1- Press the CD-RW Mastering button.

2- Press F4 ( CD-R BACKUP)

3- Use the TIME/VALUE dial to highlight a song you wish to
backup and press F3 ( MARK) to select a song to
backup. You can highlight and MARK additional song or press F2 to mark all songs to backup.
Depending on the number and file size of the songs you mark, you will possibly need to have additional blank CD-R’s if the backup continues onto a 2nd or 3rd CDR. It is best to only select around 3 songs to backup per CD to avoid backing up to a series of CD’s.

4- Turn VERIFY to ON if you want to have the VS verify that the backup is accurate by checking the data. This does take longer.

5- You can set the CD SPEED to the maximum number without changing the quality of audio/data.