BR-1180CD, BR-1180: SYMPTOM: "Drive Busy" Message Appears

Tags: backup,recover,drive,hard,hdd,format,initialize,fragmentation,busy,fragmented

Receiving a "Drive Busy" message indicates that the hard drive has accumulated fragmentation. We recommend backing up all of your data and then initializing the hard drive to clear out the fragmentation. To avoid receiving this message, initialize the hard drive every 3 months if the unit is being used constantly or every 6 months if the unit is being used only occasionally. The following steps will guide you through the Song Backup, Drive Initialize and Song Recover procedures:

Song Backup:

  1. Insert a blank CDR into the BR-1180's CD drive.
  2. Press DATA SAVE/LOAD.
  4. Press ENTER.
  5. CURSOR to SONG.
  6. Press ENTER.
  7. CURSOR to the Song that you want to Backup.
  8. Press ENTER to mark the song. (an * will appear next to the title.)
  9. CURSOR to GO.
  10. Press ENTER 2 times.

Drive Initialize:

  1. Press UTILITY.
  2. Cursor to HDD & press Enter.
  3. Cursor to INITIALIZE and press Enter.
  4. Set FORMAT MODE to "Surface Scan".
  5. Cursor down to GO and press Enter.
  6. Answer YES to "Are you sure?"

Song Recover:

  1. Place the BACKUP CD into the drive.
  2. Press the DATA SAVE/LOAD button.
  3. Cursor to select RECOVER and press ENTER/YES, which will show a listing of the song on the CD to recover.
  4. Cursor to the song you want to select to recover to the Hard Drive and turn the dial so that an asterick ( * ) appears to the right of the song title.
  5. You can select multiple songs to recover by cursoring to another song and turning the dial to make an asterick appear there as well.
  6. When you have the songs to backup marked with an asterick, cursor to GO and press enter.
  7. Respond with the ENTER YES button to begin recovering from a BACKUP CD.