SMF to S-MRC File Conversion Software

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The original MC-50 and the older MC-300 and MC-500 series sequencers can not
save or load Standard MIDI Files. Giebler Enterprises markets a software
product which will perform file conversions from S-MRC to SMF and file
conversions from SMF to S-MRC. Roland Corporation has not tested these products.

Giebler Enterprises
26 Crestview Drive
Phoenixville, PA 19460 USA

Voice: (610) 933-0332
Fax: (610) 933-0395

MC-50 to SMF converter
SMF to MC-50 converter

The Roland Diskette Manager (RDM) features:

- List/Print MC-50 & MC-500 Mark II Directory/Label
- Copy MC-50 & MC-500 Mark II Diskettes To/From HardDisk
- Copy MC-50 & MC-500 Mark II Files To HardDisk
- Copy MC-50 & MC-500 Mark II Files From HardDisk
- Format MC-50 & MC-500 Mark II Diskettes
- View/Analyze MC-50 & MC-500 Mark II Diskettes

MC-50 & MC-500 MarkII Sequencer Conversion Software (MCSMF) features:

- Converts Roland MC-50 & MC-500 Mark II sequences to Standard Midi Files.
- Converts Type 0 or Type 1 Standard Midi Files to MC-50 & MC-500 Mark II
- Lists MC-50, MC-500 Mark II and SMF sequences on the screen or printer.
- Allows remapping of program changes and drum notes when converting midi
- Allows filtering of controllers and program changes when converting midi

(Current as of 3-19-02)