VS-880EX: Backing up a song to CD?

Tags: backup,recover,vs-880ex,up,back
The Roland CD burner allows you to backup up your entire song onto a CD which can be erased from the hard drive and recovered from that DATA CD back into the hard drive with all tracks and setting intact. This procedure creates a DATA CD that can only be read by Roland VS products.

You can select either one song to backup or ALL songs. If you select to backup more than what fits on one CD, it will ask for a second CD and will burn as a set, where you just follow the prompts from the VS. If you select to burn ONE song, the CD automatically finalizes, so you cannnot add any more songs to that CD. It is suggested to use CD-R's for backup rather than CD-RW disks which are not a permanent way to backup and are less reliable.

1- Press the SONG button until "CD-R Backup?" appears.
2- Press the ENTER/YES button.
3- Press ENTER/YES to store Current.
4- Turn the dial to select which SONG or ALL SONGS that
you want to backup.
5- Press the parameter Right (>>) button to have the
option of selecting VERIFY to be ON or OFF. This takes
longer, but will double-check that the backup was
6- Press the parameter Right (>>) button to select the CD
burning speed, which you can set to the highest number
possible depending on which Roland burner you are using.
7- Insert a Blank CD-R.
8- Press ENTER/YES and it will begin to burn and finalize
the CD.