Routing from Multi-In to Multi-Out via a FlexBus.

Tags: vm-7100,vm-7200,routing,vm-c7200,vm-c7100,multi-in,multi-out,flexbus
It is often necessary or desirable to route an incoming signal on a Multi-In channel to a Multi-Out channel so that the signal can be re-recorded using the internal processing capabilities of the VM-7000 Series mixer. However, this can only be accomplished using one or more Flex Buses.

To set this up, please use the following steps:

1. Press the FLEX BUS MASTER 1-12 button and make sure that the desired SEND LEVEL faders are at 0dB, or "100" on the display.

2. Press the desired CH EDIT button (1-12), then CURSOR to highlight desired MULTI-OUT and select it by pressing the appropriate F-Key (F1-F6).

3. CURSOR to the BUS MODE setting and choose "EXT".

4. Press MULTI-IN CH 1-24, then press CH EDIT for the desired channel and PAGE UP or DOWN to the FLEXBUS page.

5. Set FLEXBUS SEND to PRE EQ, PRE FDR, or POST FDR, as desired and adjust SEND level.

6. Press MULTI-OUT button and verify that channel fader is at 0dB. Also, turn STATUS button "OFF" to isolate MULTI-OUT SEND from MAIN Bus mix.