V-Synth: Using the D-Beam

Tags: v-synth
You can apply various effects to the currently selected patch by simply moving your hand over the pair of D Beam controllers located to the left side of the display. Use the following procedure to experiment with the D-Beam:

1. Select Patch "007 VoixBulgares”. (The D BEAM ASSIGNABLE indicator lights, and the D Beam controllers turn on).

2. Move your hand up and down slowly over each D Beam controller as you play the keyboard.
- In this patch, the D Beam controllers are assigned to control the following parameters:
Left: Vocal Pitch
Right: Vocal Character (formant)

3. To turn off the D Beam controllers, press ASSIGNABLE so it is not lit.

4. To change the function of the D Beam controllers, experiment by pressing TIME TRIP, TIME or PITCH.