Fantom, FA-76: Using the Rhythm Generator While Recording

Tags: fantom,fa-76
You can use the Rhythm Generator to quickly add drums to a sequence. Follow
these steps:

1. Press MODE and rotate VALUE dial to select MULTITIMBRE.
2. Press 8 to "SELECT."
3. Rotate VALUE dial to select PRST:01 “FANTOM Temp.”
4. CURSOR to select Part 10.
5. Press RHYTHM so it is flashing.
6. Hold JUMP and press RHYTHM to display the "RHYTHM PATTERN" menu.
7. CURSOR down to "STYLE" and rotate the VALUE dial to select a Rhythm
Pattern Style.
8. Press 8 to close the Rhythm Pattern window.
9. Press REC to display the "RECORDING STANDBY" menu and set COUNT IN to
10. Play MIDDLE C on the keyboard. Recording will begin.
11. Experiment with the various rhythm patterns which are accessed by playing
notes in the octave above Middle C.
12. Press PLAY/STOP to stop Recording.
13. Press RESET to return to measure 1.
14. Press STOP/PLAY to audition what you have recorded.

NOTE: You can only use the Rhythm Generator on parts that are assigned to a
Rhythm Kit.