GR-55, GR-55S: Changing the GK Pickup Direction

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Depending on how you've mounted the GK pickup on your guitar, you need to adjust the Pickup(PU) Direction parameter so the GR-55 can function properly. Here's how.

1. Press EDIT.

2. Press PAGE right to select the SYSTEM tab.

3. Press ENTER.

4. Press the cursor left button to select the "GK SETTING" icon and then press ENTER.

5. Press PAGE left to select the "PU" tab.

6. Cursor to "PU DIRECTION" and then turn the Value dial to select "NORMAL" or "REVERSE."
  • If the GK pickup is mounted with the cable lead extending near the low E string, choose "NORMAL." This is the default setting.
  • If the GK is mounted with the cable extending from the high E string, choose "REVERSE."

7. Press EXIT when you're finished—the new setting is saved automatically.