TD-10: Ambience Level (Each Instrument)

Tags: td-10,effect,individual
If the Ambience is on in a drum kit, the level can be adjusted individually for each pad. Use the following steps to do so:

1. Press the STUDIO button.

2. Press F4(AMBNCE).

3. Press F1(AMBSND).
Tip: If the TDW-1 expansion is installed in the TD-10, you can replace steps 1-3 above by holding SHIFT(KIT) and pressing CONTROL ROOM.

4. Hit the pad, or portion of the pad (i.e. head/rim) that you want to adjust the Ambience level for.

5. Turn the VALUE dial to adjust the level (0-127).

6. Repeat steps 4-5 for any remaining pads if desired.

7. Press KIT when you're finished. The new settings are stored automatically.