GR-33: Setting String Sensitivity

Tags: gr-33
Setting the string sensitivity is critical for obtaining maximum performance from your GR-33. Use the following procedure to set string sensitivity:

1. Press SYSTEM.

2. Press the PARAMETER Right (>) button twice to select "PICKUP SENS".

3. Play the 6th string (High “E”) repeatedly with the maximum amount of force you would use during your actual performance. (The Left character in LED represents the String Number. The Right character in the LED represents the sensitivity value).

4. Turn the VALUE Dial to adjust the sensitivity (1-8). The level indicator should reach the box on the right side of the display. If the "left pointing arrow" (<) indicator shows in the far right of the display, the sensitivity is too high and should be reduced.

5. Play the 5th string and adjust the sensitivity accordingly.

6. Repeat the process for each of the remaining strings.

7. When finished, press Play.

Note: If you have a guitar with RMC pickups, like a Godin or Brian Moore for example, you may have to set the sensitivity of each string to around 1 or 2.