VE-20 Vocal Performer Factory Reset (Initialize)

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Product: VE-20

Use the following procedure to clear the VE-20s internal memory and reload its factory settings.

Caution: All User information is lost during a Factory Reset.

1. Start by turning the power switch to ON.

2. Press the [MENU] button

3. Turn the [SOUND] knob to select “FACTORY RESET”.

4. Press the [ ►] button. The REC indicator light will blink, and the “FACTORY RESET” screen appears.

5. Turn the [SOUND] knob to “ALL”*.

6. Press the [ON/OFF] pedal.

7. Factory reset complete.


*Note: If you only want to do a partial reset you can choose "SOUND" which will reset  the user sounds only, or  "SETUP", which will reset the setup parameters only.