PK-5A, BK-7m: Connecting a BK-7m and PK-5A

Tags: midi,bk-7m,pk-5a
Use the following procedure to connect your BK-7m and PK-5A.

1. Connect a MIDI cable from the PK-5A MIDI OUT to the BK-7m MIDI IN.

2. Turn on the PK-5A and press the POLY button.

3. Turn on the BK-7m and when "MIDI Device Connected" appears on the BK-7m display, press the CURSOR/VALUE dial to enter the Wizard Connection menu.

4. When the BK-7m Wizard Connection menu appears, turn the CURSOR/VALUE dial to select "DIGITAL PIANO" and press the dial to confirm your choice.

5. When the "Choose a type" menu appears, turn the dial to select "OTHERS" and press the dial.

6. When the "Play a note On Piano Keyboard" appears, press a key on the PK-5A.

7. When "Wizard Settings will be saved" appears, press the dial to confirm your settings.

Note: Your BK-7m settings will be saved. The next time you turn on your BK-7m and PK-5A you can skip the Wizard and begin playing. You'll still have to select POLY on the PK-5A each time you turn it on.