DR-880: Recording a Basic Pattern

Tags: rhythm,dr-880,beat
There are 500 user locations in the DR-880 in which to create and store your own patterns. Use the following steps to record a basic pattern using the realtime recording method:

1. Press EXIT to confirm you're not in Edit mode.

2. Press SONG so "PATTERN" appears in the display.

3. Hold SHIFT and press SONG so "USER" appears in the display.

4. Turn the VALUE dial to select a blank user pattern location.

5. Press the PAD button to choose the desired part for the recording. If you want to record a BASS part, hold SHIFT and press PAD to select "BASS."

6. Press REC — the metronome starts. You can press TEMPO and then turn the VALUE dial to adjust the tempo.

7. Press Play — the DR-880 provides a one-measure count in, and then begins recording.

8. Play the pads in rhythm with the metronome.

9. When you're finished, press Stop.

10. Now press Play again to hear your new pattern.