HPi-7F: Assigning Leading Bass or Fill In to a Pedal on the HPi-7F

Tags: pedal,hpi-7f
Use the following procedure to assign the Leading Bass feature or Fill-In feature to a pedal on the HPi-7F.

1. Press the Rhythm button so it lights.

2. Press the Function button so it lights and the Function menu is displayed.

3. Use the arrow cursor buttons to select "Pedal" on page 2 of the Function menu.

4. Press the "0" button to display the Pedal menu.

5. Use the left/right arrow buttons to select the "Left Pedal" or "Center Pedal."

6. Use the up/down arrow buttons to choose "Leading Bass" or "Fill-in" functions for the respective pedal.

7. Press the X button (Exit) several times to return to the main display.