TD-4KP: Factory Reset (Initialization)

Tags: initialize,redo,erase,new

The following procedure can be used to clear the internal user memory and reload the factory settings. 

(CAUTION: All USER information will be lost. Be sure to write down any settings you wish to remember.)

Use the following steps to reset the TD-4.

1. Press the MENU button. 

2. Press the "SEL" up or down buttons to choose "OPTIONS." 

3. Press the "OK" button. 

4. Press SEL down to choose "FACTORY RESET". 

5. Press OK. 

6. Use the -/+ dial to select a section of the module you want to reset.

PADS -(all pad settings).
SYSTEM - (options and pad settings).
ALL KITS - (all drums kits).
ALL - (all of the TD-4's user data).

7. Press SEL down once. 

8. Press OK.