Selecting the Roland/Edirol MIDI Drivers for use with Logic.

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NOTE: This walkthrough assumes you've already successfully installed the USB MIDI driver for your Edirol/Roland product. For information on installing drivers, please see the "Read Me" file included with every driver.

1. If you're using a Roland or Edirol MIDI keyboard controller and simply wish to play softsynths within Logic, you're almost done. Open Logic and skip to step 5 below. If you wish to send data from the MIDI out of your Edirol MIDI interface (if equipped) to external MIDI keyboards or modules, read on.

2. When you open Logic for the first time, the Logic Setup Assistant will open and walk you through the process of setting up your MIDI devices. If you've already gone through (or skipped) this utility, you may access it again (Logic Pro [or Express] > Preferences > Start Logic Setup Assitant).

3. Click and hold the name of any track in the Arrange window. A hierarchal menu will appear, allowing you to select its type. Selecting 'MIDI Instruments' will show you a list of all the devices you specified (and their available channels) in the Logic Setup Assistant.

4) Select the desired device and MIDI channel. When this track is selected, Logic will route notes played from your controller to the specified device and channel.

5) Open the transport window (Window > Transport) and play the keys on your keyboard/controller. To the right side of this window, you should see the names of the notes you play. This indicates that Logic is reading MIDI data from your controller correctly.