BR-532: Recording A Track In A New Song

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Pull the MASTER fader all of the way down in order to protect against unwanted feedback before completing the steps below.

1. Press the UTILITY button, then press the left PARAMETER button so that SONG NEW is displayed in the top right of your BR-532's screen.

2. Press ENTER, then select the recording mode that you want by turning the Time/Value DIAL to select the mode.
For high quality recordings, use MT2.

3. Press ENTER. The screen will display "Are you sure?"

4. Press ENTER again to create a new song.

5. If you have a dynamic microphone or guitar that you want to use to record, you will want to disable the internal microphone on the BR-532. If not, skip steps 6 through 8 below.

6. Press UTILITY and press the PARAMETER button to move the cursor on the screen to "SYS" and press ENTER.

7. Press PARAMETER until you get to the item "ON BOARD MIC". Use the TIME/VALUE DIAL to turn it to "OFF". Press EXIT several times to get back to the main screen.

8. Plug in your guitar/bass or microphone to the corresponding input on the rear of the unit.

9. Press the INPUT SELECT button on the top left of the BR-532 that corresponds with the source you're recording.It should light solid red. The INPUT SELECT button for the MIC input applies to both a dynamic mic that you would plug into the rear of the unit, but also the internal mic.

10. Select the track that you want to record to by pressing one of the REC TRACK buttons 1-4. The selected track's button will flash red.

11. Strum the guitar or sing into the mic. Adjust your input SENS knob (black/white knob) so that the peak light next to it flashes only when your singing loudly or strongly.

12. Raise the MASTER fader slowly until it reaches a comfortable listening level on your speakers or headphones. If you are experiencing feedback (howling), then you need to the microphone further away from your monitor speakers, or turn down your MASTER fader.

13. Make sure that the large black INPUT LEVEL knob is set to at least 12 o'clock.

14. Check the level meter on the screen. The hollow square at the end of the level meter is the peak of the meter and should appear occasionally when you are playing or singing loudly. If it isn't raise the black INPUT LEVEL knob to raise the level so that it does appear momentarily at the loudest part of your performance.

15. Press and hold the REC button, then press PLAY to start recording. After you've finished press STOP.

16. To playback your performance, press the ZERO button, then press PLAY.