JV-80: Using SR-JV80 Expansion Board Patches

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To use a SR-JV80 expansion board for playing or sequencing, you will first need
to load the patches that you want into the JV-80’s internal memory or onto a
RAM card. The JV-80 lets you preview and load Patches one at a time from an
expansion board. Use the following procedure to load expansion board Patches
into the JV-80:

1) Press WRITE.
2) Use the CURSOR buttons to select the CARD and press ENTER.
3) Select PCM CARD and press ENTER.
4) The screen will list Patches from any installed expansion boards or PCM
cards. Select the one that you want and press ENTER (this loads that Patch into
the JV-80’s temporary buffer).
5) Now press the WRITE button, and select WRITE.
6) Press ENTER.
7) Use the BANK and NUMBER buttons to select the desired Patch location
(Internal User or Card) then press ENTER. Your expansion board Patch is now
stored in the JV-80’s internal (or card) memory.