Studio Package, VM-3100: General Setup of VM-3100Pro, RPC-1 card, and Recording Software

Tags: setup,reset,load,initialize,vm-3100,rpc-1,studio,package,config

REGARDLESS OF SOFTWARE USED...set up the VM-3100Pro to work with the RPC-1 card and various recording software by using the following steps:

1. Reinitialize mixer to factory defaults, as per page 57 of the VM-3100Pro Owners Manual.

2. Press [SHIFT] & [F1] to "LOAD LOGIC CONFIG", then press ENTER/YES.

3. Press AUDIO CH button until it is green, then pull faders 13 though 20 (1 through 8) down, then back up to 0 dB.

4. Press channel 13 SELECT button, and set PAN full left using V1 knob.

5. Press channel 14 SELECT button, and set PAN full right using V1 knob.

6. Press AUDIO CH button until red, then press LEVEL/METER to set parameters.

7. Route the inputs and outputs appropriately in the DAW software that's being used. Check the software's documentation and/or online help for proper setup instructions with an audio interface (such as the RPC-1 card that the VM-3100 is connected to).

8. IMPORTANT NOTE: If the Logic preset steps above (step 2) do not function properly, start over with step #1 and then use one of the following (however, the Logic preset above is still recommended to try first regardless of the software being used)

Cakewalk - SHIFT + F2
Cubase - SHIFT + F3

NOTE: The [SHIFT] & [F1] ("LOAD LOGIC CONFIG") template is the only one that configures the mixer to route control and audio to and from the RBUS port, and should be used in conjunction with the RPC-1 card and various compatible software packages.