ME-80: Adjusting the EXP Pedal (Calibration)

Tags: expression,wah,calibration

The ME-80's expression (EXP) pedal has been set for optimal operation at the factory. However, extended use and certain operating environments can result in the pedal going out of adjustment. Here's how to adjust the EXP pedal if it is necessary: 

1. Press the MANUAL/MEMORY pedal to switch to MANUAL Mode. (When Manual Mode is active, the display is dark and the green MANUAL LED indicator is lit.)

2. Press and hold the EDIT button and press the DELAY(4) pedal. "Pd" and then "UP" appear in the display.

3. Move the EXP pedal all the way to the heel-back position until it stops.

4. Press WRITE - "dn" appears in the display. 

5. Move the EXP pedal all the way toe-forward until it stops. 

6. Press WRITE again. The current set value (1-9) for the EXP switch will appear. 

7. Press the BANK up or down pedals to set the sensitivity of the EXP switch. The lower the value, the easier it will be to activate the Pedal FX. 

8. Press WRITE. The new settings are stored into the memory.