VS-1680: IDE Drive Switch

Tags: vs-1680
It is possible to use a VS-1680 with just an external hard drive connected to
the SCSI port without an internal hard drive installed. In such cases, it
takes the VS-1680 approximately 30 seconds after the power is turned on to
check its internal hard drive connection status. If you do not have an
internal IDE drive installed in the VS-1680, you can avoid this wait by setting
the VS-1680 to not attempt to use an internal IDE drive:

1) While holding down [SHIFT], press [F5(SYSTEM)].
2) Press [F2(GLOBAL)].
3) Use the UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT CURSORS to move to "IDE Drive".
4) Use the TIME/VALUE dial to change the setting for IDE Drive. When not using
an internal drive, set this to "Off". The default setting is "On".
5) While holding down [SHIFT], press [ZERO]. "STORE OK ?" appears in the
6) Press [YES]. The current song is saved.
7) Press [PLAY(DISPLAY)] to return to the Playlist display. The changed setting
becomes effective the next time the VS-1680 is turned on.