D-70: Doubled Notes through MIDI

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The Control Channel is most commonly used for changing Performances through MIDI. On certain D-70 ROM revisions the Control Channel can also transmit mirrored or doubled note information through its assigned MIDI channel. There are two ways to resolve this:
- Turn off the Control Channel entirely so that all information that would normally go in or out of the Control Channel is muted.
- Use a special power-up function. This leaves the Control Channel set to ON so that controller information still goes out the MIDI port on the specified control channel. MIDI note information will be cancelled on this specified control channel.

To turn the Control Channel completely off:

1. Press Play.

2. Press Edit.

3. Press F5 [SYSTEM].

4. Use the Cursor Buttons to select "CONTROL CH" and change the current value to "OFF."

To set the Control Channel so it stays active but does not transmit note data:

1. Turn on the D-70 while holding down the number 4 button.

NOTE: This step can be repeated to turn the control channel’s ability to transmit back on again if needed.

NOTE: To verify this mode, press PLAY, then EDIT, then F5. If you see “KY” in the window, the control channel is transmitting out MIDI, but not sending note information.