CD-2: Transfering .WAV Files From a Computer to the CF card (PC)

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The CD-2 can playback .WAV files from a CompactFlash card.

To transfer .WAV files from a computer to the CD-2, you will need a CompactFlash card reader. These can usually be purchased at your local electronics or camera store. The only compatible .WAV files are 16-bit, 44.1 kHz. Compatible files need to have the .wav extension (Ex. "drums.wav").

1. Take the CF (CompactFlash) card out of the CD-2 by pressing the eject button to the right of the CF slot.

2. Insert the card in the CompactFlash card reader.

3. Find the .WAV file on your computer and copy it by right-clicking on the file and selecting "Copy" in the menu.

4. Double-click My Computer on the desktop of the PC and open the card reader by double-clicking on it.

5. Right-click in the window of the card reader and select "Paste". Don't open up any other folders in the window before you paste the .wav file. The first window the card reader opens up to is the root directory and this is where the .wav file needs to be placed.

6. Close the card reader window, take the card out of the reader and insert it into the CF slot on the CD-2.

7. For each added .WAV file there will be a new CF track added.

8. Use the |< or >| buttons to navigate the the CF track that contains the .wav file.

9. Press PLAY.