XP-30: Saving a Patch/Rhythm Kit or Performance to Memory

Tags: xp-30,writing
After creating a custom Patch, Rhythm Kit or Performance, it is possible to save this to the User memory.

Follow these steps to write a Patch/Rhythm Kit or Performance to the User memory:

1. Press the UTIL/CARD button so it is flashing.

2. Use the CURSOR buttons to select "Write" so it is flashing.

3. Press ENTER.

4. Turn the VALUE Dial to select the desired User location where you wish to store this Patch/Rhythm Kit or Performance.

5. Press ENTER.

NOTE: If "Internal Write Protect" is "On," you will need to rotate the VALUE Dial to turn it "Off."

6. Rotate the VALUE Dial to turn "Internal Write Protect" to "OFF."

7. Press ENTER.

8. Press ENTER again.

NOTE: Your custom Patch/Rhythm Kit or Performance is now in the User memory. You can select it by going to the User bank.