BR-1600, BR-1600CD: Creating a Rhythm Arrangement

Tags: phrase,loop,bass,arrangement,drums

Once you have created and stored Patterns, you will use RHYTHM ARRANGE to program in what order you want the patterns to playback. The following steps will guide you through creating an empty Rhythm Arrangement and then assigning Patterns to the Arrangement in the order of your choice.

  1. Press the TRACK TYPE SELECT button which is next to Track 15/16 fader.
  2. Press F4 until DRUMS is displayed under the title that says TRACK 15/16.
  3. Press F3 until BASS is displayed under the title that says TRACK 13/14.
  4. Press the PROGRAMMABLE RHYTHM [ARRANGEMENT/PATTERN] button so that the button is illuminated.
  5. Press the PROGRAMMABLE RHYTHM [EDIT] button.
  6. Use the CURSOR arrow buttons and the TIME/VALUE dial to change the Arrangement selection to “U001”.

  7. Press [F4] (DRUMS) when you want to assemble a drum pattern or [F3] (BASS) when you want to assemble a bass pattern.
  8. Move the cursor to “MEASURE” and select a MEASURE 001 (the beginning of the song) using the TIME/VALUE dial.


  9. Move the cursor to “PATTERN” and select a pattern number or name using the TIME/VALUE dial.

  10. Move the cursor to “LENGTH” and set the number of measures that you would like the selected Pattern to play for.
    Note: This is where you are allowing a Pattern to loop for as many measures as you set in the LENGTH.

  11. a. If you would not like to add any more Patterns to the Arrangement, you may skip to step 9.
    b. If you would like to add more patterns to the Arrangement:
         i.   Set the “MEAS” to the measure that you would like to add the next Pattern to.
         ii.  Press [F1] (INSERT). A one-measure length pattern (P001) is inserted.
         iii. Set the “PATTERN” to a pattern number of your choice.
  12. When you have completed assembling Patterns as required, press [EXIT/NO] to return to the Rhythm Arrangement View screen.
  13. Repeat steps 4 through 9 to arrange Drums or Bass patterns—if applicable.
  14. Press [EXIT/NO] to return to the Rhythm Arrangement Selection screen.
  15. Press [F1] (EDIT).
  16. Press [F4] (WRITE/COPY/DEL).
  17. Be sure “To” is set to “U001” and then [F4] (GO).

The Arrangement has been created and stored into U001.