ME-20B: Using the Tuner

Tags: tune,me-20b
The ME-20B features a built-in chromatic auto-tuner
that allows you to tune your bass quickly and easily.
Here’s how to use the tuner.

1. Press the SFX 1 and COMP 2 pedals simultaneously to switch to Tuner mode — two dashes show in the display.

2. Play your open E string. The display shows the name of the note closest to the pitch of the string you’ve played.

3. Do a rough tuning so that “E” appears in the display.

4. Tune the string more precisely until the arrows on each side of the display point towards the E.

5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to tune the other strings.

6. To leave Tuner mode, press the SFX 1 and COMP 2 pedals simultaneously, or press EDIT/EXIT.