TR-8: Update Procedure

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Procedure for update

1.Hold down [ STEP1 ] button and switch on the power.

2.Connect the computer to the TR-8's USB port by a USB cable.

3.Open the "TR-8" drive folder in your personal computer.

4.Copy the TR8_UPD.BIN update file into the "TR-8" drive.

5.After copying the file is completed, remove the USB drive from the personal computer.
[ Windows 8 / 7 / Vista ] Right-click on the "TR-8" icon in My Computer and execute "Eject."
[ Mac OS ] Drag the "TR-8" icon to the Trash icon in the Dock.

6.Disconnect the USB cable.

7.Press the [ STEP2 ] button to start updating the file.

8.Turn the TR-8 power off after the updating processing has completed.