GT-10: Assigning the On-Board EXP pedal to Control a Parameter

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Use the following steps to assign the on-board expression pedal to control a parameter of an effect. In this example, we'll assign the EXP pedal to control Delay effect level.

1. Choose a User patch to edit.

2. Press the MASTER/PEDAL FX button.

3. Press the CURSOR left or right (< >) button to select the CTL/ASSIGN icon.

4. Press the CATEGORY/ENTER button. The ASSIGN screen appears in the display.

5. Press the DISPLAY MODE button so that the List View is shown. (Target, Min, and Max will show on the left side of the display). See page 52 in the manual for a screen shot example.

6. Press CURSOR left or right to select an unused assignment (1-8).

7. Press MASTER/PEDAL FX to turn the assignment
On. "On" should be shaded in the lower right corner in the display.

8. Press CURSOR down once to select "Target".

9. Turn the VALUE dial to select Delay Effect level.

Tip: Make sure the Delay (or effect that's been assigned to the EXP pedal) is turned on in the patch.

10. Press CURSOR down to "SOURCE."

11. Turn the VALUE dial to select "EXP1 PEDAL."

NOTE: By default, the expression pedal controls volume in most of the patches. To turn this off, follow these steps:

1. Press the MASTER PEDAL/FX button.
2. Cursor to the PDL FX icon.
4. Press CURSOR left to select page 1.
5. Press CURSOR down to select "EXP 1 Func."
6. Turn the F4 knob counterclockwise to select "OFF."

When you're finished, press WRITE twice to save your new settings in the patch.