DR-880: Erasing the Bass Part in a Pattern (Realtime)

Tags: dr-880
Use the following steps to erase the Bass part in a pattern:

1. Select a pattern to edit.

2. Hold shift and press the PAD button [BASS PAD] so the bass part is represented on the pads. Either "BASS +", "BASS -", or "BASS" will show in the display.
Note: It does not matter which Bass octave is selected. It will be possible to erase the bass part regardless of which selection is made.
Release SHIFT and PAD when you've made the selection.

3. Press REC.

4. Press START- The metronome will begin.

5. While the pattern is playing, hold SHIFT and press (any) one of the instrument pads for the duration of the pattern, or as long as desired to erase the portion of the bass part.

6. Press STOP when finished.