TD-4: Adjusting Mask Time

Tags: trigger,bounce,td-4,double,kick,flam
The Mask Time parameter is primarily designed to eliminate
additional trigger notes that may sound from the kick pedal bouncing on the head of the kick trigger pad. Raising the Mask Time value can help prevent this. Here's how to adjust it.

1. Press MENU.

2. Press the SEL down button to select "Pad Settings."

3. Press OK.

4. Press SEL down to choose "Advanced Edit," and then press OK.

5. Press SEL down to choose "Mask Time."

6. Hit the kick trigger.

7. Turn the +/- knob adjust the Mask Time. A higher value makes it less likely for an additional trigger signal to occur after the intended strike.

8. When you're finished adjusting the Mask Time, press MENU. The new setting is saved automatically.