BR-800: Control Surface Setup in Sonar X2, X1 and Music Creator 6

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 The following article will guide you through setting up the BR-800 as a control surface in Sonar X2, X1 and Music Creator 6.

Note: Install the BR-800 driver according to the instructions on the included BR-800 DVD-ROM before performing the steps below.

BR-800 Setup

  1. Press the MENU button.

  2. Cursor to "USB," and then press ENTER.

  3. Cursor to "CONTROL SURFACE," and then press ENTER—this puts the BR-800 in Control Surface mode.

SONAR or Music Creator Software Setup

  1. Launch the Sonar software.

  2. Click on “Edit” at the top of the screen, and then select “Preferences…”

  3. Under the "MIDI" section on the left panel, click on "Devices".

  4. Select "BR-800" for both the "Inputs" and "Outputs". A check-mark should appear next to each.

  5. Click on “Apply”.

  6. Under the "MIDI" section on the left panel, click on "Control Surfaces".

  7. If there are any control surfaces already listed, select each one and click the  to delete it.

  8. Click the "Add New Controller/Surface" button  to open the “Controller/Surface Settings” dialog.

  9. In the “Controller/Surface” box, select “Mackie Control”.

  10. Assign both “Input Port” and “Output Port” to “BR-800”

  11. Click "OK" and then click on "Close" to close the “Controller/Surface Settings” dialog.

The BR-800 is now set up to act as a control surface for Sonar or Music Creator. You may now follow the videos below for ASIO Driver Setup (e.g. BR-800) and Recording a track in Sonar X2, X1 or Music Creator 6:

Driver Setup (ASIO):


Recording an Audio Track: