S-760: Switching from the Front Panel and LCD to a Mouse and CRT, or to the RC-100 and CRT

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The S-760 can be operated from the front panel or by using a mouse or RC-100 Remote Controller with a CRT display. Use the following procedure to switch operation modes:

1. Power on the S-760 while holding its MODE button.

2. Use the up and down arrow buttons to select "Controller" in the Setup Menu.

3. To change from "Panel+LCD" to "Mouse+CRT" or "RC-100+CRT," use the S2/INC button.

4. Press the EXIT button and the S-760 saves the updated information and boots into the desired configuration.

If you're already working from the front panel and want to switch to using a mouse or the RC-100 and a CRT monitor.

1. Press the MODE button.

2. Use the up and down arrows to select "System," and then press the S1 button.

3. Scroll down the screen with the down arrow button until you get to "Controller."

4. Press the right arrow button highlight "Panel+LCD" and press the S1/INC button to change to "Mouse+CRT" or "RC-100+CRT."