DR-670: Copying a Drum Kit

Tags: copy,dr-670
Any of the preset kits can be copied into a user location in the DR-670. The copied drum kit can then be edited and customized. Use the following procedure to copy a drum kit:

1. Hold SHIFT and press PAD 9[crossstick](DRUM KIT EDIT), then release SHIFT.

2. Hold SHIFT and press DRUM A/B(drum kit). The number displayed in the lower left corner starts flashing. This is the drum kit number.

3. While continuing to hold SHIFT, turn the TEMPO/DATA dial to select a desired kit to be copied, then release SHIFT.

4. Hold SHIFT and press keypad 4 (COPY). Continue to hold SHIFT, and turn the TEMPO/VALUE dial to select a desired USER location for the kit to be copied to (65-128).

5. When you've selected the desired location, press ENTER. "DONE" will show in the display.