VS-880, VS-880EX, VS-890: Creating a New Song

Tags: vs-880,vs-880ex,vs-890
You can have multiple songs on the hard drive of the VS recorder. To create a new song, use the following steps:

1. Press the Song button until "Song New ?" appears in the display and press the Enter/Yes button.
2. "Sample Rate 44k" appears in the display. If you wish to change the sample rate to 32k or 48k, turn the Time/Value dial to make the selection.
Note: You cannot burn an audio CD unless the song is 44.1k.
3. Press the Parameter <> right button to display the recording mode of the song. The default mode is MT2. If you wish to change the recording mode to MAS, MT1 or LIV, turn the Time/Value dial to make the selection and press Enter/Yes.
4. The display will say "Create NewSong ?".
Press Enter/Yes.
5. The display will now say "Create New-Sure?".
Press Enter/Yes again.
6. "STORE Current" appears in the display. Press Enter/Yes to store the previously loaded song or Cancel/No if you do not wish to store or update the previous song.
7. Press the Play/Display button to return to the main screen to begin recording.