JS-5: Recording Audio

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You can record an audio track for any user song. Use the following procedure to record your audio:

1. Press SONG so it’s lit.

2. Press USER and turn the VALUE dial to select the song you wish to record to.

3. Press REC so it’s lit.

4. Press AUDIO TRACK to select the audio track.

5. CURSOR to "1 QUALITY" and press LONG REC to select the recording quality:
. Hi-Fi: For high-quality recordings.
. LONG: For longer recording time.

6. Turn the REC LEVEL knob to adjust the level.

7. Press START to begin recording.

8. When you’re done recording, press STOP.

9. To play back your recording, press RESET and then press START.

Use the following procedure to delete unwanted recordings:

1. At the Song screen, hold down SHIFT and press UTILITY to access the Delete screen.

2. Turn the VALUE dial to select AUDIO.

3. Press ENTER.

4. "Are You Sure?" will be displayed. If you’d like to erase the existing audio track, press ENTER.