VS-2000CD, VS-1680, VS-1880, VS-1824: Synching the VS-2000CD to the VS-1880/1680/1824

Tags: time,midi,slave,clock,sync,mtc,master,synchronize,code

Use the following procedure to sync the VS-2000CD to the VS-1880/1680/1824--with the VS-1880/1680/1824 as the MASTER:

Cable Connection:
- Using a MIDI cable, connect the MIDI OUT jack of the VS-1880/1680/1824 to the MIDI IN jack of the VS-2000CD.

VS-1880/1680/1824 Settings:
1. Hold SHIFT and Press F5 [SYSTEM].

2. Press F4 [MIDI]. If MIDI is not shown, press PAGE until it is displayed, then press F4 [MIDI].

3. CURSOR to "MIDI Thru" and set it to “OUT”.

4. CURSOR to "SysEx.Tx" and select “ON.”

5. Press F6[EXIT], then F6 again to go into the SYNC parameter page.

6. Set "SYNC SOURCE" to "INT" with the Time/Value dial.

7. Set "SYNC Gen." to "MTC" with the Time/Value dial.

VS-2000CD Settings:
1. Hold down SHIFT, and press F4[UTILITY].

2. Cursor down to 5[MIDI Prm] and press ENTER[YES].

3. Cursor to the SysEx.RX SW box and turn it to "ON".

4. Press F6[EXIT] to return to the Utility Menu.

5. Cursor down to 6[SYNC Prm] and press ENTER[YES].

6. Turn the SYNC MODE to "EXT".

7. Press PLAY on the VS-2000CD. The button will begin to blink and wait for a MIDI signal from the VS-1880/1680/1824.

8. Press PLAY on the VS-1880/1680/1824.