DR-770: Recording a Pattern (Realtime)

Tags: pattern,recording,dr-770
Use the following steps to record a pattern using the realtime method in the DR-770:

1. Press the SONG(PTN) button so the word "PATTERN" flashes in the display.

2. Press the REAL(STEP) button so the word "REAL" shows in the display.

3. Turn the VALUE dial to select a User pattern you want to use for the recording. User patterns are numbered 401-800.

4. Press REC - the red LED next to REC will light up, and the current quantize value will be flashing.

5. If desired, turn the VALUE dial to specify the Quantize setting. Quantize is a function that corrects timing discrepancies so inputted notes are aligned precisely with the beat.
Tip: A common quantize value used in pattern recording or sequencing is a 16th note. It is best to experiment with different quantize settings to see which value works best with the type of rhythm you're recording.

6. Press CURSOR Right > once so the Beat Length value is flashing.

7. Turn the VALUE dial to specify the Beat Length (1-80).
For example, a Beat Length of "4" is equivalent to a one measure pattern in 4/4. A beat length of "3" is equivalent to a one measure pattern in 3/4.

8. Press the TEMPO button.

9. Turn the VALUE dial to adjust the tempo as desired (20-260).

10. Press the DRUM KIT button so "DRUM KIT" is flashing in the display.

11. Turn the VALUE dial to select a Drum Kit (1-128).

12. After choosing a drum kit, press DRUM KIT once.

13. Press START - The green LED next to the START button will begin flashing to the tempo that was set in Step #9 above. Additionally, you will hear the sound of the metronome. If not, turn the volume up on the DR-770.
Note: If the green LED is not flashing, it's possible the DR-770 is in "MIDI sync mode." If this is the case, press STOP/EXIT, press MIDI, press the CURSOR Right > button to select "SYNC", then turn the VALUE dial to select "INT." Now begin again by pressing REC, and then press START.

14. To enter the notes of your pattern, play the instrument pad(s) - (i.e. KICK, SNARE) in time with the metronome. The pattern will be looping within the Beat Length that was set in step #7.

15. When you have finished recording, press STOP/EXIT.

16. Now press START to hear your new pattern.