VS-2480CD, VS-2480: VS-2480 Partition or "Drive" selection.

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The hard drive is divided into sections known as partitions. Each partition is labeled as an "IDE:?" Depending on the model and hard drive installed, you may find that you are only using a portion of your entire hard drive. To determine the size, you can use DRIVE SELECT, which is how you are able to switch between partitions of your hard drive and use the maximum amount of HD space available.

Each "IDE" is known as a partition,(Section) of your HD which can be used. Each partition could be considered an independant HD, and you can only work on one IDE "drive" at a time, but you can copy songs from one partition to another using PROJECT COPY and selecting the partition for the destination drive.

2- Cursor to the IDE you wish to select.
3- Press F6 (LIST)
4- Answer YES to "Change to IDE:?"
5- Anser YES to "STORE CURRENT?"

You are then able to view and work on projects within the partition you switched to.