DR-880: Favorites

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You can quickly get to 80 favorite patterns, songs or guitar effects from the FAVORITE area of the
DR-880. Use the following steps to store a pattern as a favorite:

1. Press EXIT to confirm you're not in Edit mode, or press Stop if a song or pattern is playing.

2. Hold SHIFT and press BANK.

3. Turn the VALUE dial to select the pattern you want to store as a favorite.

There are 20 banks of favorites —each one holds four favorite patterns, songs or guitar effects.

4. Press one of the 20 instrument pads to select a bank. For example, if you want to store the pattern in Bank 1, press the KICK 1 pad.

5. Press one of the FAVORITE number buttons (1-4) to choose a location within the selected bank.

6. Press ENTER.

7. Repeat Steps 3-6 to store additional favorites.

8. Press EXIT when you're finished.