GR-55: Auditioning PCM Tones Within a Patch

Tags: gr-55,sounds,pcm
Within each patch in the GR-55, you can have up to two PCM tones turned on simultaneously, each of which can be assigned to a string as desired. There are 910 different PCM tones to choose from in the GR-55. Follow these steps to audition them.

For this example we'll use the patch LEAD 02-2 Flute Solo.

1. Press the LEAD button.

2. Turn the dial to select "02-2 Flute Solo."

3. Press EDIT.

4. Press PAGE left repeatedly to select the TONE tab.

5. Press the left or right arrow buttons to highlight "PCM1 :393 Flute 1."

6. Turn the dial to scroll through the different tones. As we mentioned earlier, there are a whopping 910 of them to choose from!

7. When you're finished, press EXIT.

Tip: A detailed GR-55 PCM tone list is available for download from our website here: